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Boutique Beer is the New Family Fun Day Out

If you are a carer of an elderly loved one, the new Boutique Beer craze may provide a fun day out for the family. Did you know that, in recent years, young entrepreneurs have been reinventing the pleasure of drinking beer? Gone are the days of men standing behind the bar downing pint after pint of beer. Furthermore, with the addition of interesting, cafe style meals, the entire family is invited.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is acceptable in many societies. Particularly in western cultures, beer and mead have been part of family traditions for millennia. This is particularly true for the gentlemen in our families. Just as winery experiences became the norm, breweries began to see the potential for their product. Moreover, there are so many outings and social activities that ladies enjoy. However, it can be a little harder to entertain our elderly gentlemen. That is why this novel day out might be a special day for the men in the family and where the women and children are welcome.

What is boutique beer?

Boutique beer is also known as craft beer. This usually refers to small, flavour driven breweries. However, they are sometimes owned by big players in Australia. Such as Fosters, or Lion Nathan. Your elderly loved one may already be familiar with the names Malt Shovel, Matilda Bay and Little Creatures. In terms of size, this equals approximately 234 million litres of beer per year Australia wide.

Centuries ago, beer was brewed in homes, taverns and monasteries. Ancient civilisations such as the Mayans are known to have partaken of beer. It was a home brew, made from local ingredients such as hops. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution came mechanisation. Next, international trade and refrigeration carried beer all over the world.

Boutique or craft beer manufacture began in the United States around 30 years ago. This came about by the experimentation of a new breed of brewers. They went in search of ancient styles to create new, interesting flavours. Today, many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and parts of Europe have joined them. The idea is to make beer in smaller quantities, using only malt, water, hops and yeast. Cheaper forms of sugar and other additives are not employed.

Beer tasting, although relatively new in Australia, is gaining in popularity. The biggest advantage is that families do not need to drive to the Yarra Valley to taste the local beer. For example, establishments are popping up in Collingwood. In the late 1800s, Collingwood was the epicentre of Australian brewing. The Stomping Ground Brewery and Beer Hall offers 20 types of beer on tap, all of which are brewed on-site. Furthermore, this is accompanied by an extensive food menu with pizzas a specialty. Importantly, families, including children, are welcome.

Family & Elderly Friendly Brew Houses

The Thunder Road Brew House is located in Brunswick. Philip Withers had been crafting beer for more than seven years. He was persuaded by two partners to let them open and run a bar inside the brewery. Together with their craft beers they offer the public Mexican street food. With the addition of music, they are tapping into the nostalgia of favourites from the 50s to the 80s. A sure crowd pleaser for the baby boomers.

In Footscray you will find The Hop Nation Brewing Co. There is also an establishment in St Kilda called The Local Taphouse. These young entrepreneurs have understood the character of Melbournians. Melbourne is a cold place weather wise for many months of the year. Which is why people like to wine and dine, have coffee and cakes and come in out of the cold. With the addition of craft beers they want good quality, matching food. Variety is the spice of life in Melbourne since we cannot compete with the beach lifestyles of Sydney  and Queensland.

So there you have it, dear reader, for something interesting to do on the weekend. Of course we cannot endorse any particular establishment. And, whilst we hope you will have a lovely family day out, remember to drink in moderation. Please look out for our next blog, with lots of helpful advice as you care for your elderly loved ones. Until next time, from our beloved extended family, here at Vermont Aged Care, we wish you happiness and good health. Bye for now.

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