COVID-19 Response: Focussing on the health and safety of our residents, our team and our visitors. COVID-19 UPDATE PAGE
Covid 19


Vermont Aged Care

Last Updated – 30/10/2023

Visitor Protocols

As COVID cases continue to increase within the community, we continue to review our protocols based on balancing the health and wellbeing of our residents, staff and our wider Vermont family. 

Visitations remain unchanged, entry into the home requiring visitor discretion and the appropriateness for the resident they are visiting. Vermont Aged Care recommend visiting during Reception Hours, to reduce the impact on our clinical staff having to open the door and follow the screening requirements.

Face masks are recommended given the case numbers within the community, however continue to remain optional. Surgical masks and P2/N95 masks are available at Reception should you require a mask.

Undertaking a RAT prior to entering Vermont is strongly recommended. We note that our RAT protocols have detected and stopped positive cases from entering Vermont in recent months, and encourage families to do their part in reducing COVID from entering our home.

Should your loved one have COVID within the home, we recommend limiting visit Save ations to essential visits. Tier 3 PPE will be required when entering the resident’s bedroom.