COVID-19 Response: Focussing on the health and safety of our residents, our team and our visitors. COVID-19 UPDATE PAGE
Covid 19


Vermont Aged Care

Last Updated – 24/3/2021

With 98% of our residents being inoculated, with no active cases in Victoria, and the upcoming release of restrictions within the broader community, we are happy to be slowly returning to a home that regularly has family and friends coming and going with greater freedom. With this in mind, coupled with the government directions and our own risk management protocols, we are pleased to make a large step back towards having family members enter the home more freely as indicated below.

Visitor Protocols

As this is a high risk environment, we ask all family members to remain vigilant and continue to follow COVIDSafe practices (ie social distancing, face masks, hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette). We will continue to monitor these practices, and alter our practices to ensure our residents remain safe.

The following visiting protocol will be in place from 6.00 pm, 26th March 2021:

  • Visitors are no longer required to make an appointment
  • There are no longer any set visiting times. It is recommended that times be based on resident preference/routine.
  • No time limits on visits
  • No visitor limit per resident per day
  • Visitors are required to wear a face mask
  • All visitors are still required to complete the sign-in/out register, including screening questions. No entry, if:
    • Unwell (from COVID-19 symptoms);
    • Travelled to a COVID hotspot in the last 14 days;
    • Tested positive or been in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19
    • Currently awaiting a COVID-19 test result, or a close contact is awaiting their test result
  • All visits are to be in the resident’s room or designated outdoor area.
  • Common spaces where multiple residents meet, such as resident lounge and dining areas are for residents only.

We will keep the front doors locked and rely on the intercom for entry, as is the case currently. If the reception is unoccupied, you will be required to call the intercom, and advise the staff the purpose of your visit. When the door is opened, proceed to the reception counter and complete the sign in register (and screening questions). The staff member will take your temperature and provide you the reading for the register. Please be aware, there may be a waiting time, should floor staff need to complete their activities, prior to receiving you.

Influenza Vaccine

Our home is currently reviewing our 2021 Winter season protocols in relation to the need of having a vaccine prior to entry into the home. We are also seeking advice and/or direction from the Government in this regard.

COVID_19 Education Resources

It is highly recommended that visitors familiarise themselves with the Department of Health’s COVID-19 education resources.

 COVID-19 Residential Care Visitor Access Code

Vermont Aged Care supports the principles of the ‘visitor access code’ to create solutions to facilitate connections between families and residents. These include in-room Essential Visits for compassionate and care support reasons, safe Social Visits such as video calls, window and courtyard visits, and when visits should not be permitted.