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Experienced Cook

Food & Nutrition
Vermont, Victoria
Posted 7 years ago

Family Run Aged Care - Founded 1981

Vermont Aged Care is seeking an experienced Cook for a full-time position at our expanding aged care facility. In fact our busy, family owned aged care facility has been providing respite, permanent, dementia specific and palliative care to our residents for over 3 decades. So, you’ll be joining an established team of committed professionals. Better still there’s no “nursing home” attitude at Vermont Aged Care, and no “nursing home bland food” on offer. That’s because we have a passion for the quality of life and happiness of each one of our elderly residents. Of course, food is a BIG part of that, so if you want to work with a dynamic, passionate team of dedicated carers then this job is for you!

Best of all, you’ll get to work closely with other staff and our family. This means that you can make a real difference in the lives of our residents everyday. Plus, your input is valued and you have the power to make positive changes. Together, we can ensure our residents receive the best and most nutritional food possible. Furthermore, did you know that Vermont Aged Care is located in Vermont, near to Mitcham, Burwood, Ringwood, Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Wantirna, Blackburn and Box Hill? Better still, we are easily accessible by road and public transport. In fact, the 740 and 742 buses stop right out front of our door!

What’s more we are undergoing major additions and improvements to our facility in 2017, including modernising our food production facilities. Of course, this is set to the sides of the existing facility so no one is disrupted. Nonetheless, when completed in the coming weeks we will be able to provide the latest technologies and facilities to each of our residents. Please see the full job details below.

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Who will I be accountable to? Who will give me the support I need?

You will be accountable to the Director of Nursing, who is charged with ensuring you have everything you need to enjoy your work at Vermont Aged Care. Better still, as a family run facility, you’ll have access to the decision makers on a daily basis. In fact, our family focussed community is just one of the things that sets us apart and makes working at Vermont Aged Care so special.

What does that mean for you? Well, you’ll have a direct input into our menus and nutritional direction every day. That’s why at Vermont Aged Care you’re not just “the cook”! In fact, you’re a key part of the health services we provide.

Who will I be cooking for and working with?

You will be providing nutritional meals for the Residents of Vermont Aged Care. These residents may be here for respite care, dementia support, long-term aged care or palliative care. That means that their nutritional needs will vary, making your work more interesting. Also, we strongly support cultural choices so you’ll be creating a diverse range of foods. Finally, you will be working in a friendly team, at a family operated facility where management support is always on hand.

What qualifications do I need?

You must have previous knowledge and experience in catering and/or cooking for large numbers
of people. In fact, due to the nature of the role, you must have this qualification to be considered for this post. 

Also, if you have previous experience cooking specifically for the aged, frail or those requiring special diets, that will be well regarded. Also, we are happy to discuss supporting your commitment to further education and training. That’s because ongoing learning is highly valued at Vermont. Why not work at Vermont Aged Care and and learn new, valuable skills too?

What is the salary you offer?

We pay as per the award based on your experience and qualifications. We may also support your ongoing training. Better still, if you want to discuss a career plan so we can all keep improving together just let us know. Ongoing learning is supported at Vermont Aged Care.

What are the work hours like?

Your roster will be agreed upon together with the Director of Nursing. In fact, at Vermont we try hard to find the right work/life balance for all our team members. That’s just one of the ways that we ensure a great working community at Vermont aged care. Read on to understand this role better.

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What are the responsibilities & duties of my role?

The quality and nutritional value of our meals is paramount to our service. Further, it’s important to provide a diverse diet to our residents. This is both to respect cultural preferences as well as ensuring residents maintain a healthy intake of nutrition.

Meal Preparation Practices include:

  • Prepare meals which cater for the personal preferences, cultural differences and changing health status of residents and are consistent with current nutritional standards
  • Prepare meals according to the four week rotating menu and plan such seasonal menus with the DIRECTOR OF NURSING
  • Inform the DIRECTOR OF NURSING of the need to contact a dietician for details of resident’s special diets, dietary modifications
  • Consult with residents, Registered Nurse in charge re food preferences or dislikes of residents and take action
    Prepare food for birthdays, special events or functions as determined by management

Infection Control Practices include:

  • Practice all food handling practices in accordance with all Food Handling Legislation/Regulations especially in relation to:
    • personal hygiene
    • food preparation / handling
    • food storage
    • tray cleaning and washing
    • kitchen hygiene and waste disposal
  • Monitor and correct infection control practices of food services staff
  • Monitor operating temperatures of the fridge, coolroom, freezers and dishwasher and notify management of faults and place details in maintenance folder
  • Maintain clean food preparation areas, cooking equipment, food storage areas, cupboards and fittings as detailed on the kitchen cleaning list
  • Check and maintain the Catering Manual, informing management of any inclusions required

Distribution Control Practices include:

  • Deliver meals to the resident which are attractively presented, at the correct temperature and the correct amount and consistency for individual needs
  • Prepare meal trays/tables with consideration for the residents individual needs and dignity
  • Leave out sufficient appropriate supplies for resident’s suppers and snacks

Can you describe my position as a Cook?

As a Cook at Vermont Aged Care your role with include the following responsibilities:

Stock control / ordering supplies

  • Maintain food supplies and stores of good quality, within budget limits and without over stocking
  • Rotate stock, use supplies according to date received and fresh before frozen or thinned
  • Order food/kitchen supplies on a weekly basis with consideration for seasonal price variations and with the DIRECTOR OF

Nursing Support

  • Monitor goods received and notify supplier/management of discrepancies’
  • Maintain accurate stock control records

Acting Professionally

  • Working without direction
  • Recommending and initiating innovations with work practices
  • Demonstrating concern for completing tasks by end of shift
  • Acting as a resource person, sharing current information
  • Co-operating with other staff
  • Compliant with rules and policies of the aged care, staff appraisal process
  • Demonstrating respect and sensitivity regarding wishes of residents
  • Demonstrating willingness to comply/resolve concerns, complaints or suggestions of residents, family / visitors
  • Accepting positive criticism
  • Being aware of the legal responsibilities of their work
  • Being responsible for reporting on time, notifying the ward of sick leave, wearing appropriate attire

Self Development and Ongoing Education

  • Maintaining knowledge and skills by attending regular in-service education relevant to work performed
  • Using the information provided by the home to improve their knowledge base
  • Attend the annual Fire Safety lectures etc.

General Work Practices

  • Implementing work with regard to all the Accreditation Standards
  • Demonstrating an ability to appropriately plan procedures and complete in an appropriate time frame
  • Focusing on the job while working
  • Assisting in maintaining a clean safe environment for residents, colleagues and visitors
  • Not wasting items ie. stores, linen, equipment, the use of energy (i.e. electricity)
  • Ensuring all accidents, incidents, difficulties, faults or breakdowns are reported immediately and documented accurately on the Hazard Alert forms
  • Working in collaboration with all staff as a team member
  • Assisting in quality improvement exercises as directed by the DIRECTOR OF NURSING as required

What about ongoing learning and my education?

We will support you in the maintenance of knowledge and skills in food preparation and elder care. Further, on some of your shifts you will attend regular lecture sessions as provided by one of our staff of off-site specialists. Better still, off-site training and events may be provided to you as required. In fact, these are just some of the ways in which we ensure our continuing commitment to your further education is promoted. You will learn more if you are shortlisted for an interview.

What’s it like being a team member at Vermont?

We provide a happy, collaborative work environment for all staff. It’s part of the family operated community that makes us so special to work for. Further, as a community we can be very efficient in the allocation of work amongst staff to ensure a great work/life balance for you. Better yet, ongoing assistance in quality improvement exercises are provided by the Director of Nursing as required so you can focus on being a great nurse.

What about WH&S/OH&S & safe practices in the workplace?

A safe working environment is maintained for all staff at all times. We promote this through following the guidelines as set in the our policy manual. For example we teach correct lifting procedures, or how to handle faulty equipment and report it immediately for prompt repair. Some of our daily checks cover:

  • A safe environment is maintained by staff for residents and visitors at all times i.e. adequate levels of lighting are available and corridors remain uncluttered
  • Effective documentation of incidents as per accepted protocols occurs e.g. residents falling is completed when necessary
  • Promotion of staff attendance at Occupational Health and Safety Meetings or reading of minutes if staff are unable to attend

As a key part of your role as Cook, you will need to ensure you are:

  • Adhering to occupational health and safety requirements as per policy of the home
  • Familiar with the home’s emergency procedures as they pertain to her/his level of experience
  • Promoting safety awareness in the workplace
  • Reporting concerns and safety issues to your supervisor if you’re unable to correct the problem safely
  • Reporting all incidents to the Director of Nursing (DON), or the Registered Nurse in charge if the DON not available

What should my communication skills be like?

As an important function in our daily routine, you will be working with general staff, highly trained medical staff, administrators, and of course residents with various medical conditions. For this reason we place a strong emphasis on your ability to communicate professionally and compassionately. We are looking for staff who:

  • Demonstrate respect and sensitivity in all communications with and about residents
  • Provide all relevant information to relieving registered nurses
  • Ensure that resident information remains confidential and is only made available to those directly involved in the resident’s care
  • Attend and actively participate in meetings that are organised for the ward, to discuss any issues related to the suitable management of resident care
  • Ensures medical staffs are liaised with as necessary, coordinating regular visits from all Allied Health Professionals as necessary
  • Ensures open channels of communication are maintained at all times between residents, relatives and staff regarding the care of residents
  • Ensures complaints by residents are dealt with immediately by the sister-in-charge until a satisfactory solution has been found (and where this has not been possible, would advise the Director of Nursing for further action and achievement of a satisfactory solution)
  • Ensures all legal documentation requirements are upheld at all times and promoted to all staff.

What about professionalism in the workplace?

As a Cook, many of your work practices need to be performed without direction. You will be a senior member of our community and we empower you to get things done for the benefit of our residents, families and staff. Some of the ways you help us achieve this might include:

  • Promoting innovations in work practices where the need arises
  • Reporting on time and following the dress code guidelines as listed in the policy manual
  • Accepting positive criticism, acting as a resource person and cooperating with staff and community
  • Ensuring suitable replacement staff are organised in the event that permanent staff are sick
  • Performing all work activities in accordance with award guidelines (especially with regard to the safety responsibilities inherent in the position of a Cook.)

Is there anything else I need to know before applying?

Of course, with palliative care sensitivity and compassion are paramount. An important part of your role will be to ensure that you will provide appropriate meals to residents, their families and visitors to ensure a peaceful and dignified death. Overall, you are a very important part of our residents’ care and happiness. Rest assured, we appreciate the importance of this role in providing good food for elderly people.

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