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When it comes to finding compassionate respite care or aged care, Doncaster families can rely on our experienced and dedicated team. We’re here for families during what we know can be a difficult time – when the time has come to choose a nursing home Bayswater . We know this is never an easy choice, and we’re here to help you through. Our compassion is what sets us apart from other providers of aged care Doncaster has on offer. We believe in always putting the resident first and respecting them in every way. We value their input at every step and tailor our care to suit both their needs and their wants.

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Personalised care

We know that no two residents that come to us are the same, and we tailor our healthcare accordingly. We believe in an allied health approach, which is why we look at each individual’s unique needs and work to them. We can factor in things like dietary requirements to ensure they’re receiving the nutrition they need as well as looking at overall medical needs and physical capabilities. We use the latest in medical technologies to assist us with our clinical services, as well as to help the residents in their day to day activities. When it comes to a team of registered nurses that passionately help everyone in a nursing home, Doncaster should know that there is none better than the Vermont Aged Care team.

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Out and about

As part of our lifestyle program for our residents, we offer regular trips out for the day. This means we can take our more active residents somewhere new to visit the sights or just to get out into a different environment. This is important for keeping the mind active and keeping our residents happy. Getting out of their room and breathing fresh air in new places is good for their mental health and wellbeing, which is our number one priority. While we think this is an important part of our approach to allied health, we also understand that not all of our community can make these trips, and can also provide palliative care to Doncaster. That’s why we have many other entertainment options including light entertainment from special guests.

Vermont aged care Doncaster

The right nursing home for Doncaster families

When it comes to nursing homes that are more than a nursing home, Doncaster should always look to Vermont Aged Care. The first step to finding out if we’re the right fit for your family, is getting in touch. To learn more about one of the best in aged care Doncaster has to offer, start by giving us a call on 9873 5300 or sending an email to and one of our friendly team will be able to answer all your questions. Feel free to ask us anything about our unique professional services, clinical services, or ask more general questions about what it’s like here in our facility. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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