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Best Nursing Homes in Donvale, VIC

When it comes time to choose a respite care or a nursing home, Donvale can always turn to Vermont Aged Care. We’re run by a family that is passionate about caring for the elderly, and operate with a team of registered nurses. We use the latest in technology to aid us as well as the residents in our care, granting them a level of independence they otherwise wouldn’t have. If they’re after attention to detail in a nursing home, Donvale families can look to us. We’ll create a clinical plan by consulting with the resident as well as any relevant medical professionals, and take an allied health approach. This means we can focus on all aspects of their wellbeing.

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As a family that has been in Melbourne for over fifty years, we know the community well. We believe in helping that community and giving back for everything it’s done for us. This is why we’ve been based in Vermont for over thirty years. It is because of our strong family values that locals know they can turn to us for family based professionals that are passionate about the locals. A combination of our Australian upbringing and our Indian heritage has left us with strong family values and a spirit of giving it our all. We bring this with us to our work, and care deeply for every resident that we have the privilege of caring for. Our family focus is what sets us apart from other aged care Donvale families might consider.

Vermont aged care Donvale

Dining at our nursing home in Donvale

To ensure the residents in our care can feel at home, we pride ourselves on the food we serve them every day. We’re always changing our menus, including breakfast, so mealtime can always be exciting and interesting. Between meals, we always have snacks and drinks available – nobody will ever go hungry. We even have a happy hour available for our residents. When it comes to exciting food in a nursing home, Donvale families should look to us. We use the freshest ingredients to craft meals that are nutritious as well as tasty. We consult with aged care practitioners to ensure we’re meeting all nutritional needs, while carefully navigating dietary requirements such as religion, veganism and allergies. Our in-house chef is an expert when it comes to these things!

Vermont aged care Donvale

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Whether you’ve just started looking or have been searching for a while to find the right nursing home, you can call us to have your queries answered. We can answer any questions you might have about the way things are run at Vermont Aged Care, or more general questions about aged care. Donvale is a community built on helping each other, and that’s what we’re here for. To get in touch, give us a call on 9873 5300 or send an email through to one of our helpful team at We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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