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Organised travel and tours for elderly people – Part 3 of 3

Organised travel and tours for elderly people have become very popular. One reason is because many women now work outside the home. Another reason is fast-paced modern living. Everyone is so busy nowadays. As a result, their elderly parents need new ways of keeping themselves busy and entertained. Also, people often live longer and in better health nowadays. Then again, more affordable air travel, public transport and holiday packages have changed the way we used to live our lives. These things are no longer a luxury.

Here are some helpful tips and contact points to point you in the right direction. Here at Vermont Aged Care, we know your main concern is the safety of your elderly loved one. As well as ensuring they enjoy their lives and have fun.

Where to begin

Perhaps your elderly loved one already knows where they would like to go. In that case, finding out the right information about organised travel and tours for elderly people will be easy! However, if you are helping them to choose a trip, a little more research will be necessary. Always remember to check with their treating physicians before embarking upon any travel.

Coach and touring companies

Fortunately there are many websites now available that offer helpful information about organised travel and tours for elderly people. Greyhound Australia is the only national coach company. See: for information. V/Line is another great site for help and information for Victorian travel. Their link is Two other companies to obtain information from are: and Additionally, companies such as these offer travel packages, discounts and specials. They are suggested merely as a guide and a way to learn about the subject. However, they do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation on our part whatsoever.

Coach companies offer different excursions Australia wide. They also offer specific events. Here is a selection to start: Additionally, they   sometimes offer extensions for overseas travel. Modern coaches are fully equipped. Air conditioning, toilets and reclining seats will keep your elderly loved one safe and comfortable. Furthermore, the caring hands of fully trained staff will give you peace of mind.

The more the merrier

The general idea is that your elderly loved one will join a select group of like-minded, similar age people. Generally everything is included, meaning travel, accommodation and most meals. Often, the price is inclusive, excepting perhaps some drinks and excursions. Of course this will be made clear at the time of booking. Joining a group of people provides safety, company and an opportunity to make new friends. You won’t worry about your elderly loved one if they are not alone. What’s more their travel itinerary will tell you exactly where they are going, when and their return date.

Air travel and accommodation

Travel agents have brochures to browse through and take home. These offer beautiful photos with ideas and suggestions. They will include different holiday options such as cruises and airline information. Hotels and other accommodation providers will provide important information about organised travel and tours for elderly people, such as costs. Our national airline Qantas might be a good place to begin. Their home page is: They, as practically all airlines, offer discounts for seniors, see:

Special needs and considerations

Your elderly loved one might have special needs. These might have to do with their age,  mobility, medical condition, or dietary restrictions. Please ensure the specialists you speak with are informed at the very start of discussions. Touring and travel companies are familiar with their customers of all ages. That is why you will find them happy to accommodate all of your elderly loved one’s needs. See

Everyone here at Vermont Aged Care wishes you and your family happy and safe travel experiences.


This blog is intended to provide helpful advice. Please speak with your family GP for personalised information or, for specialist advice & support in Melbourne Australia, please contact VERMONT AGED CARE:

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