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Vermont Aged Care: family run since 1981

As proud Australians, we’re committed to providing a quality nursing home Vermont families can truly consider a home. Too often, nursing homes are simply a place to exist and not a place for residents to really live. Here at Vermont Aged Care, however, we’re family-owned and your family member is our priority. We value family and residents above all else. Having lived in Melbourne for fifty years, our family has long been part of the community and can provide a unique service for every new member of our family. Our Indian heritage combined with our Australian lifestyle means we’ve developed a genuine and passionate service when it comes to caring for our residents.

“The carers are really loving. They are so respectful and are always there whenever I need any help”.

ANN (Resident)

Making residents feel at home

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to aged care. Vermont Aged Care residents can expect a personalised level of care and attention with us. Our registered nurses will take the time to get to know you to better understand how we can best meet your needs. We understand that our residents are more than the list of medications prescribed and want to ensure they always feel safe and comfortable with us, especially when in palliative care. Vermont’s aged community are well looked after when they come to stay with us! Our nurses know that different people have different levels of mobility as well cognition. That’s why personalised care is so important to us.

More than a nursing home

Vermont families can expect a lot when they come to visit their residents in our nursing home. Vermont Aged Care offers a huge range of services. On top of the regular clinical services you can expect from quality aged care, we also include:

  • Excellent food service, with in-house catering team constantly changing menu
  • Day trips for our more active residents
  • In-house salon so our residents can always feel their best
  • Light entertainment from special guests
  • Aromatherapy programs
  • And much more

All of these aspects of our care add up to create an experience and a lifestyle for your family member in our nursing home Balwyn . Vermont Aged Care celebrates milestones if you want to, but we also respect that some people prefer to keep to themselves. Our goal is to ensure that your family member is happy and well cared for.

Find out more today

Choosing a nursing home is never an easy choice, even if you won’t be with us forever and just need respite care. Vermont families are choosing to spend their time with Vermont Aged Care. Find out why by giving us a call on 9873 5300 or send your questions through to us at today. Our friendly team will get back to you to answer any and all questions you might have, from how we cater to dietary requirements right down to the look and feel of our rooms. No detail is too small to go over when it comes to finding the best care for your family member.


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