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Autumn activities for the elderly in the Vermont area.

Autumn has announced its arrival and it is time to find some interesting activities for our elderly in the Vermont area. Of course the temperatures have dropped, but the leaves have turned a beautiful russet red. The wind is blowing to shake them from the branches. It is the cycle of life and we must embrace it.

Here at Vermont Aged Care we are as vigilant as ever in the care of our beloved elderly residents. Appropriate heating, warm blankets and tummy warming food and drinks have become the order of the day. But we mustn’t forget fresh air and exercise. After all they contribute to keeping us all healthy, the elderly and the young. Here are some tips for things to do with your elderly loved one in autumn.

Who is doing what?

Canterbury Rd Community of Congregations.

This is a group of Uniting Churches working and ministering together. Based in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs they share ministries and resources. Here is their link:

The Vermont Men’s Shed

The Vermont Men’s Shed is a joint project of the Vermont Uniting Community Centre and the local Lions Clubs. They are situated at the Vermont Uniting Church at 640 Canterbury Road Vermont. The Shed provides a place to come and share with men in the area on projects or to just sit and have a chat. Their aim is to provide a friendly environment where men can socialise and participate in their favourite activities. There is a well equipped shed and a garden area. The activities and open times are totally dependent on the men. All levels of skill are encouraged to suit each participant. They are open between the hours of 9:30 am to 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm on Wednesdays. For details contact: David Lewis on 0417-398-278, email: The website link is:


And what about the ladies?

Well the ladies are well catered for too. In fact the following activities would suit both elderly ladies and gentlemen.

Amongst other activities, they offer the following.

A Bookclub

Has your elderly loved one always been an avid reader? Before technology and television, most people spent a lot of time reading. The colder months were the perfect time for rugging up and getting comfy on the sofa to read. Accompanied by a cup of hot tea or coffee and a biscuit it made life seem perfect. The book club meets monthly on a Tuesday night at 7:30 pm in The Hub. Participants read through a book and then discuss it together. Their website link is:

The Camera club

The Camera Club is designed for people who want to learn photography as a hobby. Many people have to wait until they retire to engage in a time-consuming hobby such as photography. Because this is a pastime that requires patience to produce the best results. Whether their area of interest is photographing people or nature being with like-minded friends would double the pleasure. Furthermore your elderly loved one would not be alone. If you are still working you could leave them in the company of others safely. The Club meets at 7pm on the first Thursday of each month for a training/discussion session, in he Computer Centre. Also, they organise field trips and they travel to various locations, to take photos and socialise over a coffee. The link to their website is:

The Walking Group

Whether your elderly loved one has always enjoyed walking or not, now is the time to try. The reason is because walking is a gentle form of overall exercise. There comes a time when they have to give up sports such as tennis or football. However this must be replaced by something else. That is because sedentariness is harmful to their health. The Walking Group meets at The Hub at 1:30pm on Fridays. The group then goes for a not too energetic walk. Following that they return to The Hub for afternoon tea.This is a great way to exercise and get to know some friendly people too. The link to their website for more information is:

In Conclusion

There are so many more interesting and fun activities for elderly people in the Vermont area. So today we have given you a taster. We will continue this interesting series of blogs to keep your elderly loved ones happy and active. So until next time, from all of us here at Vermont Aged Care, we wish you a warm, happy and safe autumn. Goodbye for now.

This blog is intended to provide helpful advice. Please speak with your family GP for personalised information or, for specialist advice & support in Melbourne Australia, please contact VERMONT AGED CARE:

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